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Céline Vanlint


Maxime Baillet

Head of business and legal affairs

Margaux Triniac

Legal Assistant

About us

Eddy Cinema was launched in 2021 by Nicolas de Rosanbo, Jean-François Bourrel, Céline Vanlint and Maxime Baillet to develop shorts and feature films. 
Our aim is to help auteur filmmakers share their unique and personal vision of the world we live in. Given today's visual content overload, we feel authenticity and honesty are the markers of meaningful filmmaking.

We are particularly interested in films about human behaviour, which scrutinise and meticulously recreate our past or present societies.
We strive to achieve high level cinematography tailor made to the subject matter. Ultimately, we hope to share our pursuit of truth and individuality with as wide an audience as possible.

Initially our development slate grew out of the collaboration between our directors and Eddy Animation or Eddy Film. Both companies foster young talent, many of whom are embarking on their first short film.
Eddy Cinema is now looking to meet and work with experienced auteur filmmakers who share our values and ambition.

Le corset

Louis Clichy

Le corset


85 mn


Louis Clichy


France : KMBO
International : Playtime


Christophe, an 11-year-old farm boy neglected by his father, mysteriously starts leaning to the side, to the point of falling. He falls everywhere, all the time, and even sends the family tractor to scrap. Far from attracting his father’s attention, he triggers his anger... and harvests a metal corset. An instrument of torture for a child with so much energy, and all this to prevent him from leaning.

Too bad, if he does not lean, it is the world that will lean! Christophe then discovers a superpower of imagination: that of tipping over the horizon, and sending everything waltzing ...


Coproducteur :
Rhône Alpes Cinéma
France 3 Cinema

Partners :
La région Grand Est
L'Eurométropole de Strasbourg
La région Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Le département de la Charente
La région Île-De-France
Le département de la Haute-Savoie
Procirep et Angoa

Le film est bénéficiaire de l'Avance sur recettes du CNC